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The Huntsville Committee of 100 believes the #1 economic development issue in our community today is the quality of public education. The Huntsville area has enjoyed rapid job growth and prosperity in this community primarily due to the outstanding reputation of our three public school systems.

The Committee of 100’s members are actively engaged in public school issues and regularly attend school board meetings across the three systems. During the recent leadership and financial crisis in Huntsville City Schools, our members worked diligently with other community and civic groups to help identify solutions and alleviate the fiscal and academic problems.

Major current projects related to education:

  • Support implementation of Common Core standards and other efforts to improve academic achievement in our three local school systems.
  • Improve career education and workforce readiness through implementation of the PARCA Technical Education Plan in four targeted areas:  advanced manufacturing, construction, healthcare and hospitality.
  • Sponsor Business/Education Coalition to provide business support to all three local school systems and develop cooperative efforts to improve public education.



Runoff elections for Huntsville City Council District 1 and Madison City Council Districts 1 and 7 will be on Tues., Oct. 4.

Contact Details

228 Holmes Avenue NE, Suite 207
Huntsville, AL 35801

P.O. Box 18864
Huntsville, AL 35804

Carol Madry Bell, Executive Director
(256) 651-8712

Leah Hess, Manager, PR & YP Programs
(256) 203-3987

Sarah Oglesby, Manager, Finance and Membership
(256) 665-5704

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